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Our firm has deep subject-matter expertise in governance, risk and compliance to keep clients advised of emerging trends, industry benchmarks, and best practices.

How organizations manage their risk today will define their competitive position tomorrow. We offer integrated, objective advisory services that are designed to help you make better decisions about how you strategically manage risk and mitigation procedures.

Risk Assurance covers all risk services where we are providing independent assurance and the preparation towards assurance to our clients where the assurance can be used by our clients to build confidence and trust with their customers, the general market/public, key stakeholders or when regulatory (by law or oversight) or contractually required.

Because of the vast number of regulatory guidelines for compliance, it can be easy for business owners to find themselves in violation, leaving their companies open to stiff penalties and even dissolution. Therefore, having a complete and thorough understanding of corporate compliance is crucial to protecting your business for the years to come

At A. Arshad and Company, we understand that compliance requirements can be complex, and business owners may be aware about the latest rules and regulations but finds it difficult to implement or keep track of changes in laws and regulations. Our objective is to contribute to recognizing the need for action, help you create an imperative towards greater compliance, and protect your business' legal and financial standing. After all, when it comes to non-compliance issues, ignorance of the law is no defense.

We offer appropriate, tailored, transparent and easy-to-understand compliance advice that provides a sense of comfort, knowing that your business is running without the risk of non-compliance issues.

Enterprise Risk

Our Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Organisations need a comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM), because risks threaten the entire business, and not just specific programmes, processes or business units. As such, aligning organisational risk with strategy and performance is what we promise to deliver.

At A. Arshad and Company, we provide an all-inclusive ERM framework that includes communications, templates and tools, to perform a complete view of risks in your business and how they interconnect. The framework can be applied consistently across the enterprise.

We also help you:

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Regulatory and Compliance Risk

Improving Regulatory Compliance Leads to Strong Corporate Governance

Compliance risk is the threat posed to an organisation's financial or reputational standing resulting from violations of laws, regulations, codes of conduct, or organisational standards of practice.

In a highly regulated business environment, strict guidelines have been established, and an organisation could potentially face stiff penalties in the event it's found guilty of a compliance failure. Companies across all industries are navigating a proliferation of diverse regulatory requirements, stakeholder expectations, and business model changes.

As such, to mitigate against risk exposure, organisations are required to tighten their risk assessment process to fully incorporate compliance risk exposure.

Our teambrings deep regulatory experience and know-how to help your business build a compliance function that aligns with the vison, strategies and capabilities of the organisation.

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Technology Risk

Minimize Technology Risk to Improve Your Overall Risk Profile

Technology risks threaten assets and processes vital to your business and may prevent compliance with regulations, impact profitability, and damage your company's reputation in the marketplace.

Information technology (IT) risk can result from human error, malicious intent, or even compliance regulations. Protecting information assets like operational and financial data, customer data, intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), or protected health information (PHI) is only the beginning.

It's also important to identify and verify events such as data breaches, network failure, electronic fraud, and other suspicious activities before they result in fines and expenses, damage your brand or personal reputation, prevent you from reaching your business goals, or even lead to a lawsuit.

Our IT risk services and solutions include:

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Fraud and Forensic Risk

Mitigate a potential fraud and safeguard your Business

One of the most effective ways to deal with the problem of fraud is to adopt methods that will decrease motive, restrict opportunity and limit the ability for potential fraudsters to rationalise their actions. Prevention techniques include the introduction of policies, procedures and controls, and activities such as training and fraud awareness to stop fraud from occurring.

Any type of fraud can result from varied relationships between victims and offenders for instance

At A. Arshad and Company, our team combines in depth knowledge of the business and market with extensive experience to prevent potential fraud risk. Our fraud detection and prevention strategy aims at designing an effective strategy to manage the risk of fraud. A sound ethical culture and an effective system of internal control are essential elements of an anti-fraud strategy.

Our diagnostic process mostly involves the following;

  • Firstly, we perform the risk analysis of the organisation in order to understand where the risk potential exists
  • We then initiate fraud prevention activities, to help ensure the stability and continued success of the business. This is approached systematically, both at the organisational level and at the operational level, through introduction of controls and procedures
  • The team then develops and implements an anti-fraud strategy across the entire structure of the business, including reporting mechanisms that provide for communication of suspected fraudulent acts.
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    Business & Operational Risk

    By their nature, business and operational risks are often less visible than other risks and are often difficult to pin down precisely. These risks relate to activities carried out within an entity, arising from structure, systems, people, products or processes.'

    Operational risks range from the very small, for example, the risk of loss due to minor human mistakes, to the very large, such as the risk of bankruptcy due to serious fraud. On the other hand, business risk relates to: business interruption, errors or omissions by employees, litigation, loss of key employees, loss of suppliers, product failure, health and safety and failure of IT systems or cyber risks.

    Cyber risks, in particular, are on top of the mind for business leaders globally. The cyber risk reality is that the internet has opened a new frontier in warfare: Everything is networked and anything networked can be hacked.

    According to the 2016 Global Risks Report, the failure to understand and address risks related to technology, primarily the systemic cascading effects of cyber risks or the breakdown of critical information infrastructure, could have far-reaching consequences for national economies, economic sectors and global enterprises, the report warns. We can help you manage IT-related operational risks from all angles.

    On a global scale, organisations are dealing with dependability issues, culture differences, new laws, new policies, and even new customers and vendors. We can help you manage operational- and supply-chain risks in many ways, such as assisting with:

  • Gaining visibility into vendors' risks and the potential risks of the vendors' supply chains and distribution channels
  • Optimising supply-chain processes;
  • Assessing impact of M&A and adjusting risk profiles accordingly.

  • Our operational risk services and solutions include:

  • Internal audit;
  • Distribution channel reviews;.
  • Conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);.
  • Risk assessments;.
  • Vendor and other third-party audits;.
  • Business continuity management;.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance.
  • Enterprise-wide compliance consulting.
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