Non Profit Organizations

A nonprofit organization uses its surplus funds to pursue organizational goals and does not have a private owner but yet is subject to members or boards who are not responsible for its management.  This situation requires a special approach which ensures surplus funds are used by the organization for its own growth and sustainability.Thus, a non-profit organization faces considerable challenges for survival, especially in the present economic environment. It has become more difficult, time-consuming and expensive to raise money due to increased competition for fund-raising. Besides these factors, unfavorable conditions complicate the process of identifying, assessing and managing risk.

  • In order to cope with unstable financial conditions and safeguard its viability, it is essential that non-profits secure funding by demonstrating valuable program outcomes. This helps to illustrate their future achievements to stakeholders, thereby taking their organization to the next level in their life-cycle.  Adequate funding is needed to improve the efficiency of operations while ensuring compliance with financial and regulatory requirements.
  • The team at A. Arshad and Company have the expertise and industry knowledge to ensure that your non-profit organization is working at its full potential. We understand how strategies, processes and technologies need to work together in a nonprofit environment and how regulatory and tax issues can affect your business. After doing significant research on these challenges, we have developed customized services for non-profit organizations that are specifically designed to optimize organizational performance. Our team of professionals who are specialized in serving non-profit organizations offer a myriad of services to help you attain compliance and mitigate risk, reduce operation costs and communicate your achievements.
  • We serve a broad range of nonprofit organizations, including membership organizations, foundations, cultural arts, religious organizations, economic development corporations and human services organizations.